• "Patience, Persistence, and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."

    Napoleon Hill

  • "Many of life's failures are people who didn't realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

    Thomas Edison

  • "The brave may not live forever - But the cautious do not live at all."

    Sir Richard Branson


Due to the overwhelming response we have received from project applicants who are all seeking to take advantage of our low USD interest rates before the December cut off date as advised in our October press release.

We have been forced to implement a cut off date of the end of November 2018 for acceptance of new applications that are seeking funding for this financial year.

Any applications that are received within the month of December 2018 will be carried forward to our 2019 Fund allocation. These will be subject to the prevailing interest rates, terms and conditions for the new financial year .

We therefore recommend prompt action from all project applicants that want to receive funding within 2018.

For those who can qualify at a higher financial liquidity level, we can offer our special expedited program as well as entrance into our advantageous “invite only” Platinum Premium members program.


AAY retains its low USD interest rate until December 2018. Once again the Federal Reserve increased the interest rate for all borrowers. This change will effect many who have or who are seeking commercial loans, mortgages, business finance and refinancing.

The decision taken by the AAY Board to hold the low interest rates will allow new business borrowing to take the benefit of obtaining financing at a saving. This of course is great news.

For those who are currently seeking funding we recommended that they begin their submission of applications as soon as possible to ensure they are accepted and within AAY’ s system prior to the December cut off date.


AAY increases its funding capability to accommodate in the following ranges of USD/EURO/ GBP from minimum 1 Million to Maximum 1 Billion in either of the referenced currencies. For amounts in excess of 1 Billion these will be syndicated with our associated financial partners with no upper limit amount.

In the first instance funding applications for any of the above referenced amounts should be submitted through our website for review and evaluation. Following, we will respond accordingly.

To obtain a timely response, please ensure that when submitting an application it is completed to provide sufficient information to allow the review committee to express their initial interest to fund the project.


We are pleased to report an increase in business for the half year term which is due to new and returning clients who came to us for funding during that period.

It is anticipated that this trend will continue for the latter half of the year as we already have a high demand of applications that we are currently processing for funding within late 2018.

As current market conditions continue to become difficult for borrowers to access funding from banks in the project country.

This situation has caused an increased volume of business to be brought to AAY directly and through brokers. This in part is due to AAY’s leading edge programs and creative funding structures.


AAY Investments Group are pleased to announce their partnership with two major banks from China for the purpose of participating in investments together in Europe.

The projects that have been selected under this new joint venture included ports for shipping cargo, industry projects, high tech, toll roads, bridges and infrastructure.

AAY was selected to be a partner in these new ventures due to their impressive performance in the past for funding projects in various countries.

It is anticipated that this new partnership will not only provide funding for Western and much needed Eastern Europe but will also create jobs in those selected countries.


We are pleased to advise that AAY Investments Group & S.A is now fully compliant with EU's General Data Protection Regulations law ("GDPR") which came into effect on May 25th, 2018.

The benefit to our past and current clients is complete peace of mind in knowing the information provided to AAY Investments Group & S.A which contained sensitive details about yourself, company and project will not be disclosed or made available to any third parties who are not affiliated with us.

Nor will any of the details of the success of your AAY Investments Group & S.A funded project be used to induce other clients who apply for funding. This blanket protection will now be applied under GDPR laws and rules.

AAY Investments Group & S.A will continue to publish limited information on our web site under projects funded that does not disclose the project details, name or location. Only the project industry, country and funding amount will be shown.


Financing still remains a significant concern for private sector construction companies operating in Ghana. “The single most pressing issue for the construction and real estate sector is access to capital” AAY has been a vital provider of funding which has enable the development of these projects.

“Financing an investment once the land has been purchased, blueprints have been drawn up and permits are obtained can take up to two years.” Construction project delays are not unique to the financing stage. In order to attract more private investment, the government established the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF) in 2014. This fund pools together government resources from the budget, value-added tax revenue and profits from state-owned companies, along with other private sources like AAY, for priority infrastructure projects.

AAY is pleased to announce another successful quarter for 2018 which saw a 28.6% increase in activities from Ghana for projects seeking funding which have been introduced by local professional consultants, banks and law firms.


Despite increased interest rates by the Federal Reserve for 2018 which are predicted to continue, AAY’s Treasure Department has decided to maintain our current interest rate.

This makes the Interest rate 4.75% on international project loans for the whole of 2018.

This is good news for borrowers who are seeking funding for their projects at a lower interest rate than they can get in their own country.


AAY first quarter report for 2018 has shown an upturn on business in comparison to the same quarter for 2017.

This is great news for our stakeholders. We envision this tread to continue due to the volume of quality business we are currently handling and have in the pipe line.

It is clear to us as certain changes are occurring in many countries is the reason we are seeing this increase from clients who cannot obtain funding in their own country on favorable terms.


2018 has already started to be another busy and successful year for AAY Investments Group. Demand is driven by our past track record and ability to fund international projects which is proven over the last 32 years in business.

To accommodate this growth we have expanded the size of our operations and funding capability. Also our professional team has grown. The new additions we have taken on to work for us include former banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions.

Other exciting news is due to this expansion we can now open up the opportunity for New introducers, Consultants, Brokers and Intermediaries who have experience in international financing to join us by becoming an appointed agent. For further details please contact us via our web site.


The capital partners award for 2017 goes to AAY Investments Group as the best overall finance team and performance for the funding of projects worldwide. This prestige award is given to finance companies that have provide the best service and quality experience to their clients.

Google awards AAY Investments Group with a five star rating, congratulations.


AAY is at the research stage to be able to offer crypto currency transactions for business ventures.

As a dynamic group we are interest in the future which we believe will include crypto currency.

The benefits of crypto currency is a more free movement of money without the need of the many strict governing regulations that are required in conventional banking.

We strive to bring the release of the new facility.


AAY is seeing a greater interest in Project Funding Europe and former Eastern Europe Countries as applications for financing from these Countries has been growing. Russia, Poland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Latvia, Croatia, Romania. AAY releases its new interest for 2017, as follows.

  • USD 4.75%
  • Euro 3.75%
  • GBP 3.75%

These examples are for loans under AAY`s JV 60%/40% Venture Loan Equity Program.


AAY is pleased to announce its prestige relationship with Standard & Poors IQ Capital under its registration on their platform which was by invitation of S&P IQ Capital.

Both AAY`s Marlin and Merlin Funds from inception to current are listed for review.

For further information on AAY and its Venture Capital Funding programs, please visit S&P IQ Capitals web site.


Unfortunately AAY has fallen victim to fake and fabricated posting which are intended to damage AAY long standing excellent reputation. To combat these illegal posting on blog sites set up by crooks, AAY has taken legal action against these people via the courts which is the correct forum to use when a person or entity has a claim.

These days due to non regulated activities of blog sites, any person can post anything against somebody without the need to prove the information as being true. This has lead to criminals using this platform to blackmail reputable long standing World Wide Investment Firm like AAY into paying money in return for taking down their lies.

If you intend to do business with AAY and have come across these illegal web postings, please contact us so we may provide you with the correct factual information.


AAY is expanding its Global Investment Firm program for Ghana due to the high volume of applications. These will cover private and government sectors for quality projects.

We have been approached by government representatives to expand our activities due to the successful funding we have provide to date for Ghana.

Our presence in Ghana has been growing over the years as the county continues to develop and requires private financing from our group.

AAY is not only being invited to finance projects but also become equity partners in the financial sectors. Local banks have expressed their desire to have AAY as a partner.

The future for the remainder of 2017 and 2018 looks like being very successful for AAY.


AAY Investments Group of Panama, is pushing ahead with investments in Brazil.

We envision 2017 as a year where assets can be acquired at discounted prices due to current economic conditions in Brazil.

Mr. Mark Manson confirmed that we are at present purchasing a prime development site which is zoned for a luxury resort, casino, hotel, golf, marina, water park, residential houses and condos. The site is beach ocean front a short distance to airport.

We are currently talking with interested parties for the realization of this large project. Developers of this type of quality product should contact AAY to seek opportunities.

AAY has also been invited to participate in one of the largest port development in Brazil. Interested parties should contact AAY to seek opportunities for development.


Investing in Africa, AAY Investments Group of Panama have completed another successful year for 2016 and look forward to an even better year for 2017.

Mr. Mark Manson Senior Managing Partner stated, we have increased our investment funds for 2017 to accommodate the opportunities that are been presented to us.

Our target areas are, real estate both commercial and residential, alternative energy, mining , infrastructure, aquaculture, palm oil and cocoa processing.

The countries of interest are, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Botswana.


AAY Investments Group of Panama has agreed credit lines for five (5) Russian banks.

Mr. Rodney Lord, Chairman, stated that after 20 years of successful business dealings in Russia that he felt the need to assist our associates so that they could complete their financing of infrastructure projects.

We envision that Russia will continue to perform well and is worthy of investment. A full economic recovery is anticipated by 2020.

AAY is today committed to investing within Russia in all industries and welcomes applications from project owners who require funding.


AAY Investments Group, a Panama-based venture capital fund, has expressed an interest in acquiring a stake in Tetrad Investment Bank (TIB), businessdigest can reveal.

Kudzai Kuwaza

The group has investments in various countries around the world including Australia, Belgium, Chile, Canada, France, Greece, Mexico and South Africa.

In a letter to Tetrad Holdings finance director Thomas Chimanda, dated April 13, AAY project enquiries director Sam Davis said they were interested in acquiring a stake in the bank and seeking an extension of the judicial management of the bank to allow them to carry out a due diligence exercise for 90 days.

In his letter to Chimanda, Davis said it was imperative to get an extension to ensure that the expenses they would incur as a result of the due diligence exercise “will not be in vain”.

He said they would require the engagement of lawyers and accountants who are experts to carry out the exercise on their behalf. Davis added that preliminary discussions with these experts indicated that 90 days was usually required for such an exercise.

Tetrad provisional judicial manager Winsley Militala, who received the letter through Chimanda, said although the bank has been given 30 days to find an investor from the 11th of March, he had communicated their request to the central bank for direction.

Acting MD, Eugene Mlambo, told businessdigest this week that AAY’s interest was a result of their efforts to find alternative investors due to delays by Horizon Capital Consortium Holdings (HCCH)to consummate the deal with the bank.

“We have not been sitting waiting just for Horizon. The creditor’s problem with the Horizon transaction is that it is taking time,” Mlambo said. “We have told them (Horizon) that we have to look for alternatives. We are not saying that is the answer. We are saying we have finally spoken to an institution that has expressed interest.”

He said the bank would also carry out a due diligence exercise on AAY.

Mlambo said the bank had been referred to AAY by a colleague in Europe and he was the one facilitating communication between the two parties.

The development comes at a time there are sharp differences between the bank’s shareholders and Militala over his report on the bank to creditors.

At a creditors’ meeting held on Wednesday to determine whether the financial institution should undergo liquidation or final judicial management, Mlambo strongly disputed the report, accusing Militala of being biased and totally ignoring submissions management had made to the report.

Militala has recommended that the bank undergo liquidation, a proposal also strongly dismissed by HCCH local representative Munyaradzi Kereke at the meeting, who said there is an “exuberant intent” to finalise the deal.

This was after Militala pointed out in his report that while the deal promised to yield the desired investment, HCCH has not shown a bankable commitment.

According to suggestions at the meeting, creditors could get as little as two cents for every dollar should the bank undergo liquidation. None of the creditors at the meeting seemed keen on pursuing the liquidation route, signalled by the applause that met every suggestion that spoke against taking that route.